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  • Matching Qualified Companies with Qualified Labor to match your Company needs!!!

90d8ea_78c0461770de48d48252fe1b8d6fc989The Training Zone of the D.M.V. is the fastest growing Maryland base nationally recognized premier education &OSHA Training consultant organization. The program offers 10/30 hour /OSHA / Flagging / Forklift /First Aid & CPR  training courses in construction which covers site safety. Our training course offers  custom & site specific programs.with free safety tool box talks,  We are one of the best safety consultant in the Metro area, our goal is to help you stay safe on the job and on the road with the development & planning and Implementation of the OSHA Standards .  We provide our members with latest OSHA Training course  information, new letters tip and tool box talks . Our 10&30 hour course prices are affordable  and reasonable. Our experience makes us a winning team  please come on and join our team .  Every client is not just a client but a member of our safety family . This concept allow us to grow and help general contractors as well as sub contractors develop knowledge and the importance of safety within the public & private organization. . We proud ourselves in not just being an OSHA safety consultant company but to be the best,affordable with friendly customer service with an exuberant background  and reputation with a 100% rating as a OSHA Safety consultant company .We provide more services than any other safety service in the Maryland/ VA /Washington DC . We are now  providing 10 & 30 hour OSHA , Flagging  Certification , Forklift  Training , First  Aid & CPR and Interview Techniques all that will lead you to career path in the field of construction. Our \courses also cover ,Floor tech  programs & much more. Our Instructors who handles our training services has over 10 years of experience in the field helping to make the work site a safer place to work. We also work closely in our community with non profits and private sector partners whom are the veterans and local residents get the training and job placement making a difference in our community one person at a time.

We are leading the way in our Training using our latest partnership with Prince Georges Workforce & Development bringing  forward the latest cutting edge Customized Training Program. The program goal is to match Qualified company with Qualified labor this is our winning way  .The Training Zone Of The D.M.V consists of a series of highly qualified  A.T.S.S.A. & OSHA Trainer Outreach First Aid & CPR Instructors. They will provide the training course in the class room and on site with  a strong focus of creative strategy in providing in depth information The Training Zone Of The D.M.V specialized in expertise and surge capabilities to ensure effective Training curriculum . The Training Zone of the D.M.V  will provide direct service to  any company who has a desire to hire our Qualified labors in Maryland /Washington DC/ VA. We are focusing on helping our local company meet there labor needs  at the same time each person who has a desire to  obtain a job get the training and experience that they needed to make the difference. Our Goal is to be a match maker and provide you with a perfect fit when it come to your labor needs.