Flagging Training/Certification Maryland /Washington DC/ VA


The Training Zone of the D.M.V.is a Flagger  Training&Certification in Maryland.Our ATSSA  certified Instructor who have 10  years of experience in the field allowing the student to receive a strong and clear direction when classes are in session . We  are leading the way in road safety Training all classes are 4 hours long and done by the full guide line of ATSSA who  has over 35 years of experience creating customized training solutions that improve road safety, worker safety, and business profitability. Our training courses are presented in a relevant context so that the skills, strategies, and knowledge are meaningful to participants and can be applied directly in the field.
Training Goal

The primary objective of Work zone Flagger Training  Certification is to train flaggers to provide safe passage of traffic through and around work areas and to minimize confusion by bringing standard flagging procedures to our nation’s highways. This program will have crew members trained and certified in safe flagging techniques in just four hours.Who should attend?traffic zoneThis course is a must for novice construction work zone flaggers in both one- and two-person flagging operations. Experienced flaggers can attend this course as a refresher. All attendees receive a certificate of course completion.

Students will gain:

  • Thorough understanding of flagging procedures and proper use of required equipment
  • Improved flagging skills from hands-on training, classroom activities and a flagging skills test
  • Increased ability to coordinate traffic movement through the work zone

please contact our office to get all information on  when and where all classes are being held.