Floor Tech Training Program






The Floor Tech is our latest program that we are now offering it gives a real focus on the how to deliver a quality job on cleaning and maintain office building and floors we are also most proud of this program because it has a lot to offer to the student at the end of this training the student will be a OSHA approved floor tech the following items are covered

Cleaning ProceduresClarke-CFP-200-01360A-20-Inch-Floor-Polisher-Buffer-Machine_102

Improving and Standardizing the Way to Clean

Chemical Management

Entryways and Lobbies

Dusting, Dust Mopping, and Dry Floor Cleaning

Floor Care: Hard Floors and Carpets



OSHA Blood borne Pathogen Standard


Food Areas

Reducing Solid Waste from Cleaning Operations

Pest Management

Indoor Plants

People with Special Needs